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About brand

Liudmila Chernetskaja – is the founder and chief designer of “Liudmila Chernetskaja” brand.

According to Liudmila, one of the principal features of “Liudmila Chernetskaja” brand is a delicate balance of creativity in cut and combination of fabrics as well as color restraint.

Liudmila Chernetskaja designs her exceptional men’s and women’s collections in Smart Casual style.

Liudmila draws most of her inspiration from art. She often attends art exhibitions and believes that they are the true breath of fresh air in daily bustle. Most of all, Liudmila is inspired by masterpieces of Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. Emotions, sensuality, contrasts and inconceivable color schemes can be traced in the works of theses geniuses. Similar artistic style can be observed in every line of “Liudmila Chernetskaja” brand – its clothing reveals the most venturous desires of men and women while maintaining elegance of the silhouettes and unaltered comfort in every detail.